Let her Fly


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Welcome to the Glam-Tribe..

For me the ansestral and ethnical cultures are so important because they have so much history and really cool thoughts that we could all learn something of. Love to get inspired by this tribes, in my country we have some yet, I really admire the way they live and connect each others with nature instead of destroying it but is real shame that modern society some how try to end this amazing cultures to “move forward” but I guess is the other way.. Anyway for this shoot, we tried to mix all this ethnical inspiration with glam and fashion representing how the system overwhelm this tribes. The use of pearls and chic tocados contrast perfectly with the ethnic inspired clothes and textures.

Fotografia Instituto metropolitano de Diseño Sigue leyendo


When I happen to be really frustrated and overwhelmed.. The first way out is draw and paint… Yesterday I went out with a good friend of mine.. And we broke into an abandoned place… It was really cool place.. Has a pool and the sound of water falling and nature was unreal… So relaxing.. Felt like another dimension.. (Can see photos attached) and then I started drawing into a white wall.. Let myself go and “BALANCE” appeared… She is so peaceful and calm, well it was my second time trying wall-painting.. It’s no perfect.. So hope you like it… Almost forgot the best part… to end a great graffiti day, He gave me the honor to see a huge double rainbow.. And with it came along a brand new spirit joy and peace.. Felt like the girl I’ve had just painted… ——————————————————–
Cuando me siento frustrada y cansada de todo, en lo primero q pienso es en dibujar y pintar.. Ayer salí con un buen amigo y llegamos a un lugar abandonado donde había una piscina, el sonido del agua cayendo y la naturaleza se sentía irreal… Como otra dimensión.. Muy relajante.. (Fotos a continuación) así q comencé a dibujar en una pared blanca, me perdí en el sonido y sólo me deje fluir para que llegara “Balance” el equilibrio… Era mi segunda vez pintando en paredes así q no es perfecta… Pero se ve tan calmada y pacífica.. Espero les guste.. Para terminar un buen día de graffiti.. El, me concedió el honor de ver un doble arco iris y junto con el vino un nuevo soplo de vida a mi espíritu, de pronto me sentía en calma y paz justo como la chica q acabe de pintar…






Black&White Fireworks




Love wearing Black and White together, it’s like the perfect color palette, these overalls were a school project I made a few weeks ago and for this pictures I’m mixing this striped print with a cute leather tee and a universe printed jacket both for Navigare, a cool brand founded into a departamental store in Quito.

Me gusta mucho mezclar Blanco y Negro juntos, es la paleta de color perfecta.. Estos pantalones overoll fueron un trabajo para mi universidad que hice hace unas semanas.. para estas fotos mezclé este estampado de rayas con una linda camiseta de cuero y una chaqueta estampada de universo, las dos prendas son de la marca Navigare, las pueden encontrar en Etafashion. Quito